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I am a physician who is committed to providing people with honest, straight-forward, and accurate information.  The longer I practice medicine, the more I realize that good health comes down to specific lifestyle goals.  Good health does not involve a myriad of pills, personal trainers, costly procedures, and high tech institutions.   My specialty is Ob/Gyn.  I work full-time.  I have been married to a physician for 23 years and have two children, a son who is 19 and a daughter who is 17.  I was born in Nellore, India but grew up in the United States since the age of five.  I went to college at Rensselaer, medical school at University of Pittsburgh, and did my residency training at New York Hospital/Cornell Medical College in New York City.

The contents of this website are actual recipes I make at home, actual strategies I employ in my own life, and actual steps I take on a day to day basis.  Please sign in under the guestbook so I know you find the website useful.  You can follow me on Facebook,s ubscribe to my Youtube channeI for cooking videos, and listen to my podcasts.  I welcome your suggestions, comments, and recipes.  If you or your group would like to hold a health fair and need a speaker, I would be happy to participate.  Contact me through the guestbook section.

This website is dedicated to my late father, Dr. K. N. Rao.  I wish I had told you to make these lifestyle changes 30 years ago.....